What is a Driving School?

What is High Performance Driving School?  In short, it is a school and not a race.  While the events take place at a racetrack, and driven at high speed on the track, it is not a race. 

Sometimes the events are referred to as HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) or track day.  It is an opportunity for you to explore the limits of your car and your abilities in a controlled environment with an instructor in the passenger seat, with additional classroom time to show you the way to control your car at higher than highway speeds.

How does it work?  Perhaps you own a performance vehicle (BMWs are recommended but not mandated) and want to learn how to drive it at high speed?  No Autobahn in the USA — so take it to the track!

The car has to pass a safety inspection (above and beyond your normal state inspection) before the event and a tech check at the track, you also need a helmet (M or SA 2010 or newer) and need to bring a positive, open attitude to the event.

You will need to attend a drivers meeting to go over some basic rules for the events — especially safety rules ( flags, flow of traffic, rules of the track, etc.)

Then you will attend a classroom training session. While on the track have an in-car instructor with you.  Expect several sessions during the day, both in classroom and on track.

After you pre-register for the event at
motorsportreg.com you will receive a confirmation email with forms to get the car checked, some suggestions on preparation, as well as instructions on where to go.

When you arrive, find a spot in the paddock (where all the other cars are parked).  Be careful not to block in a trailered car or park in front of someone stuff.

Unload your car.  This includes all loose items, front floor mats, and spare tire.  Then go to tech (unless held the previous evening).  Once you have your vehicle checked, your tech form will be stamped by an inspector. Park your car back in the spot you selected and then go to on-site registration (you will need your valid drivers license and BMWCCA membership card).

Once you have signed the appropriate forms, you will be given a packet of instructions, track map, flag rules, passing rules, schedule, Event and Instructor critique forms.   PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THE PACKET!

You are then free until the drivers meeting.  Be aware of the schedule for the day, but be flexible, as the schedule can vary if something happens on track or if there are any unexpected delays.

During the day — feel free to talk to other people.  We all love this stuff, so go talk cars with someone (your fellow gearheads understand your obsession).

Above all, have fun!  

 Mandatory reading and required forms for all

                Driving School participants:

Drivers School Manual

Safety Inspection Checklist
Pre-event and on-site technical inspection checklist

Medical Information Form
Medical and emergency contact information

For further information please contact the NY Chapter Driver School Registrar, Mike Allen at JBMIKE@AOL.COM.