NYBMWCCA Auto-X Series!

Autocross is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe competition and active participation. Autocross differs from road racing in that one competes against the clock rather than other cars on a course defined by traffic cones. Autocross courses tend to place demands on car handling and driver skill rather than on engine power and outright speed. While speeds are generally no greater than those encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and precision maneuvering gives drivers an experience similar to that of a full road course race.


Autocross is open to novices and one of the most accessible and affordable forms of motorsport.  As an entry-level motorsport it provides a stepping stone for drivers looking to move into other more competitive and possibly expensive forms of racing. Events typically have many classes that allow almost any vehicle, from economy sedans to purpose-built racing cars, to compete.

2022 Autcoross Season Champions

The 2022 Autocross Season was one welcomed by many as we were given an opportunity to get back in our cars and compete with friends and rivals. The season could not have succeeded without the efforts of our volunteers. The NY Chapter is extremely appreciative to Andre Noel, Barrington Howell, Darby Moses, Edwin Cord-Cruz, Gabby Cord-Cruz and Tony Howell for their collaborative efforts in course design, setup and operations. To be eligible for season ending trophies you must have competed in at least 5 events in your class. Our 2022 season trophy winners are:

C Class
1st Joshua Sniper

CR Class
1st Edwin Cord-Cruz
2nd Gabby Cord-Cruz

DR Class
1st Tony Howell
2nd Barry Howell
3rd Andre Noel

E Class
1st Robert Hopkins

ER Class
1st Mike Sweeney
2nd Bidzina Ghviniashvili
3rd Arvin Sahagun

F Class
1st Adrian Green

FR Class
1st James Siegel
2nd Greg Sullivan
3rd Mike Allen

G Class
1st Ian Robinson

GR Class
1st Amos Shin

H Class
1st Kyle Hurley

HR Class
1st Simon Yim
2nd Chris Butera

IR Class
1st Karen Ann Rose

Open Class
1st David Flores